Repairing stone walls  adelaide

Crack repairs and air vent cleaning

Old Adelaide homes and buildings need to breathe. They require a consistent flow of sub-floor ventilation to help keep moisture content down and to prevent rising damp and moisture attacking the internal and external masonry walls. Traditionally, air vents have been built into walls below the floor level to ensure proper ventilation.

Problems often occur when those air vents get blocked, or in some cases built over by paving or alterations using shoddy building practices. We can take care of cleaning the vents or, where necessary, creating and installing new air vents to keep moisture away from the stonework and other structures.


In addition to repairing cracks and damage to sub floor ventilation, we can also restore your old homes in Adelaide. Many of these homes need maintenance after years in the elements, while others may want a cosmetic lift.


Stone repointing, Adelaide residents need look no further

Repointing is a vital part of keeping your older homes well maintained and looking great. Homes with external stone walls need to be repointed from time to time as the mortar located between the stones will begin to break down. Natural wear and tear can do this over time, so no matter what condition the house or building is in; it may eventually need to be repointed. If the building is highly exposed or incorrect materials have been used, it may need to be repointed sooner than normal.

We have years of experience in repointing, and can make your stone home or building sing again. We carefully remove all the old pointing, and then replace with new pointing that matches the original stonework.

Need a stonemason Adelaide based company?

Are you looking for a stonemason to complete construction of a new stone building, or do you want to have an additional structure built that matches the stonework on your home? We can take on any type of stonemasonry project. We use traditional stonemasonry tools and processes to create homes that look authentic and will last for years.

Stone restoration, Adelaide homes, and us

Every stone in a wall or on a home is slightly different. That means repairs are not as simple as removing a damaged stone and replacing it with a new one. Good, quality stone restoration requires creativity, attention to detail, and years of experience. A professional who understands this task will be able to replace damaged stones seamlessly, making it impossible to tell what was original and what’s new.

If your home in Adelaide is showing its age, it may be the perfect time to call us in. We’ll perfectly match the color, texture, and the look of the stone, blending our new work with the old. We can even transform buildings by adding new windows, doors, or filling in old ones to match in with the surrounding masonry.

When it comes to salt damp, Adelaide homeowners need to be vigilant

Salt damp is a problem in Adelaide; the causes can often be due to the breakdown of the original hot laid bitumen dampcorse, or poor water drainage. Often paving or concrete verandahs end up being higher than the old bitumen dampcorse therefore breaching it, allowing moisture to travel up into the stonework. We can repair and maintain salt damp by removing any stones that have been damaged and replacing them to match in with the existing stonework. We also install a modern dampcorse membrane that holds back the moisture.

If you’re in need of any assistance with stonemasonry in Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more.