Stone repointing

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Many don’t realise that the mortar between the stones should be softer or weaker than the stone. This is because, over time, moisture and weather will break down the weaker components of a wall. Clearly it is far easier and viable to replace the pointing rather than the stones. All too often we find damage which has resulted in stone walls because less fastidious builders have used inappropriate mortar in the past, resulting in erosion to the stones.

We take care to match the pointing to that of the original stonework. We use traditional, lime-based mortar and blends together with differing varieties of sands to match colours and textures. We also take great care to match individual techniques used by stonemasons in the past.

We can also use alternative styles to improve the aesthetics of the structure. This is done by carefully chipping away the old pointing back to the bedding joint and then repointing the areas between the stones.