Stone wall restoration
or new construction
in the traditional way

Restoring stone walls
or new stone construction
in the traditional way

“Treats your house like his own”

“Got to love a tradie that takes pride in his work and treats your house like his own. We had the front of our house fully re-pointed, cracks repaired, salt damp stones replaced and new damp-coarse installed, but the most impressive part was how he re-built one of the sand stones pillars to match the others. Highly recommended.”

–Tim Melbourne

Stone restoration or additions

To ensure seamless results we pay close attention to matching stones from local quarries in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills and choosing appropriate sands to match mortar colour and texture. But there’s more to stone restoration than just colour and texture.

Look closely and you will find that each traditional stone wall is unique, reflecting the differing chisels and techniques used by stonemasons over the years. We take great care in matching chisel styles and pointing techniques for quality results.

MG Masonry will restore all types of stone and masonry structures. This includes building in old windows, doorways or air-conditioner holes or, conversely, creating new doors and windows in stone walls.