Stone garden walls stonemason Adelaide

“Certainly understands old buildings”

Matt certainly understands old buildings and how to care for them. He uses his skills and knowledge to produce work of the highest standard. Matt clearly takes both pride and pleasure in his work. We highly recommend Matt.

–Karen and David, Prospect

Stone wall restoration and crack repairs

Old Adelaide homes and buildings need to breathe. They require a consistent flow of sub-floor ventilation to help keep moisture content down and to prevent rising damp and moisture attacking the internal and external masonry walls. Traditionally, air vents have been built into walls below the floor level to ensure proper ventilation.

Problems often occur when those air vents get blocked, or in some cases built over by paving or alterations using shoddy building practices. We can take care of cleaning the vents or, where necessary, creating and installing new air vents to keep moisture away from the stonework and other structures.

In addition to repairing cracks and damage to sub floor ventilation, we can also restore your old homes in Adelaide. Many of these homes need maintenance after years in the elements, while others may want a cosmetic lift.