Stone wall salt damp repairs Adelaide

“Can recommend him”

Matt has worked on my 120 year old sandstone cottage. I was very happy with his work. He is a very good tradesman and did an excellent job. Matt was helpful and obliging at all times. Can recommend him to anyone thinking of needing a stonemason.

— Mary Ann from Parkside

Salt damp repairs to Adelaide stone walls

Salt damp is a big problem for many stone buildings in Adelaide. This is because when the original stonemasons constructed the buildings, they often built in a hot-laid bitumen damp course at the base to protect the stonework from rising damp. Over time this bitumen layer can break down, allowing moisture to travel up into the stonework.

In some cases paving or roadways have been laid above the dampcourse, breaching the waterproof layer and allowing moisture to travel up to affect the stonework. Problems can also be caused by poor water drainage and garden beds which direct moisture to the stones and mortar, causing them to fret or crumble.

There are many different ways of repairing salt damp, so it is important to get a clear understanding of the builder’s technique if you plan to compare prices. Our focus is on quality, so we will remove the salt affected stones or other masonry components. We then install a heavy duty plastic dampcourse membrane at the base of the stonework, isolating salts and moisture from rising. New stones that match the existing structure are then installed and repointed to match the original stonework.